How to add an image to your Gmail signature

Here’s a cross link to the post I did over at the day job, New Tricks, regarding Blank Canvas.

Blank Canvas makes is super easy for Firefox users to include graphic images in their gmail signature.


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The Amnesia Episode

Just like Fallon Carrington Colby (aka Randall Adams), I’ve been suffering from a bout of amnesia. No one whacked me up side the head or anything – my condition is more of the suppression of ‘painful’ memories kind of amnesia.

While I spent much of my past work life tethered to an lcd projector, I haven’t laid eyes on one of the things for almost 10 months now. In preparation for our hugely popular and now ‘sold out’ (if something free can be sold out) May 19th ‘Get Yourself A WordPress Blog‘ workshop, we spent some time today planning the room configuration and screen projection.

When it came time to fire up the overhead, I drew a complete blank. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the keystroke combination for overhead display. I was at a total loss – just like poor Fallon at the police station. All I had to do was answer one simple question – ‘what’s the keystroke?’

Wouldn’t you know it, that cutie Miles Colby was no where to be found? So I did the next best thing and phoned a friend who walked me through it.

Fallon Carrington Colby

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My first paycheck


Since I missed the new employee orientation, I have no idea when my first day was at New Tricks. I think we’ve been at our Web Design / Social Media Marketing company a couple of months now.  It’s all a big blur – too many late nights trying to figure out css and chasing down who knows what. You know how it goes on the internets – you google ‘css align’ while watching Entertainment Tonight and the next thing you know it’s 4 am and you are surfing for shoes.

We’ve kept ourselves busy and I’ve learned tons.

But, last week something really big happened – – – my biz partner, Judi, and I paid ourselves for the first time. Mind you, it was only a WEE bit o money but we sure are proud of ourselves.

Let’s hope there’s more to come.

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The Bs Are Back

The carpenter bees arrived for their annual feast of my front porch a few weeks ago. I don’t

mind them. Sure, the bees have some baggage. They make a big mess digging their holes. The little sawdust piles mix with the pollen, making my porch pretty nasty. But, they’re not the world’s worst house guests. For starters, they remind me that spring has arrived.


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Double Top Secret Way to Publish Posts on Facebook

Call me a control freak, but I’m guessing there are other people out there in WordPress world who want to add some but not every post to their Facebook Profile Newsfeed.

RSS Feed

The easiest way to add your Posts to Facebook is by creating an RSS feed on your Facebook profile.  To do this see below. But, if you are like me, you may not want every single WordPress post to automatically go to Facebook.

Hats off to Judi and Callahan for solving one of the great mysteries of the world with such a simple New Trick.

Add A Link To Your Post

Here’s what to do:

  • Compose your WordPress post as normal.
  • Somewhere in your WordPress post, add a link back to your post.  I stick a little tag, ‘Link to this post‘ at the very end of the post. If you want to be fancy, you could use a white font for the link text so that it doesn’t show on your post.
  • Insert a link to the Post’s URL (either by grabbing the Permalink or publishing the post and copying/pasting the URL) in the tag.
  • Publish the Post.
  • View the published Post.
  • Hover over the link.
  • You’ll get the ‘WordPress Snap Shots’ dialog box like below:


  • Select the ‘+SHARE’ button
  • From the ‘Bookmark & Share’ dialog box, select Facebook
  • Follow the prompts

A few notes: is the online hosted version of WordPress.

There is a WordPress app for Facebook but it doesn’t appear to be working at the moment.

How to add your posts to your Facebook NewsFeed.

  • Go to your Facebook Profile page
  • Select the ‘Settings’ button (just under the Status bar)
  • Select ‘Blog / RSS’
  • Enter the URL for your blog
  • Give it a few seconds, then your blog posts should appear

From now on, your Posts will automatically appear on your Newsfeed as soon as (or shortly after) they are published.

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Adding Flickr 2 Your Facebook Profile

Share your Flickr Album on your Facebook Profile

Share your Flickr photos on your Facebook Profile

One of the few apps that still seems to be working with the new Facebook layout is Flickr Badge.

Sure, you can easily upload photos directly to Facebook Albums but, for one reason or another, you may want to keep the photos external.  In my case, I wanted to share existing Flickr photos with Facebook and Face-less friends without having to re-upload the photos to multiple places.

There are several different Facebook/Flickr apps available. The first few I tried created a separate Flickr tab on my Facebook profile page but I wanted the photos to appear on my Facebook profile sidebar so they could easily be seen.  Enter Flickr Badge to the rescue.

Here’s how:

  • Logon to Facebook and Flickr (the Flickr logon is necessary so you can grab the URL of the items to be shared).
  • From the Facebook search bar (located at the top right hand corner of your screen), enter ‘FLICKR’ or just click on this link: FLICKR BADGE.
  • Select the ‘Applications’ tab from the results list.
  • There are several different apps, but ‘Flickr Badge’ by Erik is the one I used to add the badge to my Facebook profile.
  • Select ‘Go To This Application’.
  • You may get an ‘Authorization Required’ prompt. If so, allow the application to access your profile.
  • You’ll get the ‘Flickr Badge’ set up screen like this:


  • From the ‘Type’ drop down list, select the Type of Photos you want to share. My photos were in a Set.
  • In the ‘Data’ field, enter the URL value for the type of photos you are looking to share.

My url was something like:

Since I wanted to share a Set, I simply entered: 72157607656291001 (no, silly, I didn’t type the whole string by hand, I just cut and pasted it from the URL name)

  • Enter the number of photos you want to include on the badge. For me, the magic number was 10.
  • Select ‘Add Photos’.
  • You’ll get a ‘Yay – photos added successfully’ box.
  • Select ‘Add to Profile’.
  • Wallah – the badge will be added to your profile page.

Don’t be surprised if you get an error the first time you try it. I had to enter the Set name a  couple of times before it worked for me.

If you know of another cool Flickr/Facebook app, do tell.

Link to this post

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A Life Without Times

Even though I love the new ‘job’ and the opportunity to learn new things, there are certain things about it that make me cringe.  Mostly, the things that remind me of my old job. Things that  take me to a mental place I never wanted to return.

Now that our first project is nearing completion, it’s time to think about documentation. I could live happily ever after having never written another line of documentation. I’ve been doing a great job of avoiding it up until now.

Tonight, I finally gave up the battle.  Before I’d even finished the first page, I realized a wonderful thing about my new life. Something I left behind 8 months ago but never even thought about till now.   What’s happily missing from my life ? The font –  Times (in all it’s flavours Times, Times Roman and Times New Roman).  You can call it whatever you want but nothing about that font says hip or fresh.

Font was a four letter word in my old life and no font caused me more grief than Times Roman. I hate it – it’s so old school, so last Reagan. It’s a newspaper font and we all know the way of the newspaper.  Just now I googled it to discover I’m not alone. There are even ‘I hate Times Roman groups’ on facebook and mySpace. One blogger summed it up best when he said it’s:

ugly, amateurish design, lacking soul

Times is an old trick. We would never, ever use it at our new venture, New Tricks.

So, tonight I celebrate ridding my life of Times Roman.

I think I’ll go with ‘Gloriola’ for my documentation. It won the 2008 TCD2 awards. Typographica says:

It succeeds in being a typeface of the now, without resorting to trendy gimmicks or ornamentation.

All of a sudden, I really dig documentation

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